Monday, April 2, 2007

A Long, Long, Long, Long Journey

It has truly been a long, long, long, long road. My husband and I are finally receiving the Rite of Conformation. I found myself moved to tears during all the Rites so far( especially when we went to meet the Bishop in Birmingham. The Cathedral is truly incredible.) and now all our hard work and faith is going to pay off. I am so very happy to be home after such a tumultuous journey. My husband and I have been through so much to get here. Judaisms, Paganism, Protestantism, you name it. All along, God's church was calling and we finally listened. "Come home my children, you are tired and it is late. Come home."
The first thing I said to my husband when I met him was..."You have the face of an Angel." At the time we were with other people, but two years later God delivered "My Angel" to me. We are happy and VERY Blessed. I give thanks every day. My point is that God takes care of the thankful and the faithful. Be that my brothers and sisters. Catholicism has saved me from the chaos and I will give all I have back. Lord give me strength. AMEN.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Does anyone REALLY work at Wal-Mart??

I have been noticing a trend lately. A very baaaad trend. Is it just me or do you find more often than not, that you wind up paying good, hard-earned money for someone to be rude to you?
Went to Wal-Mart....(ever notice that a great many of these stories begin with those exact words?) Anyhow, my husband and I went to purchase a gun because we live in the country and we would like to continue the country. (My husband is a city boy.) So we stood at the counter for a good five minutes and I look over my shoulder and glared down a couple of navy shirts having their own version of a staff meeting and the "lady" must have felt the daggers I had locked on her throat and asked if she could "HELP" us. Well we all know what that means. ( can I get the idiot that really works this area, that knows as little or less than I do about what you need.) I asked if there was someone working at this gun counter? She responds with a resounding "yeah". Mind you this is not some teenie bopper popping her gum at me and wearing an I Luuuv Justin Timberlake stamp on her forehead. This woman was in her forties or fifties. (that would be kind). Then she just looked at me............with that "I work a Wally World and I am so afraid I am going to be asked to do something oh no!!!!!!!!!"look on her face. She said nothing else. So in case you got lost

ME:Is anyone working in this area?

WWLady: yeah

ME: Who?

WWLady: ME?!&? (smart ass look on face)

I left highly perturbed, but not without speaking to the 21 year old phrat boy who was the manager first.

I guess what I really want to know is....DOES ANYONE REALLY WORK AT WAL

Monday, March 12, 2007


I stumble but I do not fall... This was my wedding day, and every picture, every misstep I embrace was perfect.

If you are of marrying age, YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if you have graduated with your doctorate or have just received your GED ( this would fall under the category of my mother, or my husband, who has a Masters). Point being you should REALLY, TRULY, think about marriage before you engage. Think very carefully: does everyone REQUIRE 6 months of checking if whether or not you are compatible? A Catholic marriage is the way to go. Women are always going to soothsayers or Madame Whoever to see if "My Man is the one for me." The true test is to go to your local Priest and ask "CAN YOU HOOK ME UP?"

Become a Catholic. Too long of a story as to why, but if you are a Christian, it is well worth your while. Let me explain the Catholic Church, you are permanently bonded to this person for all eternity. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT!! If your future hubby refuses, then let him go. Girls, marriage is FOREVER, and this is not some soap opera! This is why Catholic marriages, I think, work best. Below are three reasons:
1) You get six months of "ARE YOU SURE????"
2) You renew your vows every year (around Feb. 14).
3) Ultimately, a spiritual connection between a man and his wife THAT CANNOT BE BROKEN!!!!!

I am a Mother, Wife and Child, Lord bless all that are with me. AMEN.
My brother is coming up on his 10 year anniversary and his words
of wisdom are "if you can get passed the first year, all else is sawmill gravy with buttermilk biscuits."

Monday, March 5, 2007

Welcome to the rantings.......

This is the daily (or semi-daily) record of a crazy, angry, frantic, and enthusiastic wife, lover, mother, and sweetheart. I am a 30 something woman with a 80 something ideal, a 20 something libido, and a 50 something body, looking for that body I had when I was 13. I am a Wife, Mother, and devout Catholic. Well, maybe not so devout, but I want to be. I love my husband and my son very much and I am looking to be better for myself and for them. My mission is pretty simple to be the best for myself and for my family. I am hoping that this can be an outlet for all of my madddnesssss.